About Us

  We are a small, mother-daughter owned business that was created in August, 2019. Otis & Ellie had actually been in the making for years prior to our launch. Having had multiple small endeavors with boutique clothes, custom clothing, and a very successful Etsy shop, I decided to give my own website a go.

  After, my younger brother died in April, 2019 it was a very real reminder that life is too short to wait until things are perfect to follow your dreams. It was all the push I needed to finally start Otis & Ellie Boutique. After having lost my brother tragically, I needed this and so did my daughter. We both needed to have something to keep our focus on the future. It brought some joy and excitement back into our world after having so much grief.

  My daughter and I put so much thought and love into each aspect of building this dream. From the color scheme to what products we wanted to offer, each decision we made together. We are so proud of what we have created over the years and we will continue to evolve and grow with the trends.

  I take care of most of the behind the scenes stuff, staying busy with the purchasing, web development, and overseeing all things Otis & Ellie Boutique.

  Amber's technical and operational strengths have helped to grow our online presence. She stays busy always looking to improve our image and helps keep the wheels of Otis & Ellie in motion. 

  We started this small business to help fill a void but it has turned into so much more than we could have ever imagined.

Thank you for choosing Otis & Ellie Boutique! 

PS. Let's stay in touch. Follow our adventures on instagram. Follow @amyandell

Meet Our Team Members

  Hillary is our Director of Sales and Marketing here at Otis & Ellie Boutique. She helps keep Otis & Ellie relevant and in your social newsfeeds. She is the true MVP of our team and we are so proud to have her representing our brand.

  She's a great Mom to 3 amazing children, Addisyn (14), Brennan (6) & Brogan (2), and wife to Bryan. They are living on Bayer Farms, their own little slice of Heaven.
      "I’ve had a love of fashion since I was a young girl and I’m grateful to be a part of Otis & Ellie Boutique and be able to do what I love daily.